Become a Sponsored Location – Make your own Pokemon Gyms….

With the Japan Release date delayed from yesterday (wednesday 20th) to unknown again – also came the information that upon Japans release – Niantic (makers of Pokemon Go) have teamed up with Mcdonald’s to make every one of their 3000 japanese restaurants Pokemon Gyms


The Big Money maker though is going to be allowing selective partners to become “sponsored locations” in the game. A sponsor can create “gyms” — where Pokémon can be battled or trained by gamers — at their retail store or locations, a move that could drive real-world traffic and potential sales to their business.

So businesses are going to be able to buy the ability to create a Pokemon Gym Hopefully to get customers to visit their establishment and “spend while they hunt”
On Wednesday, Needham & Co’s managing director, Laura Martin, estimated “Pokemon Go” could generated $3 billion in revenue for Apple IOS in the next 12 to 24 months as the game expands into more countries.