An Introduction to Blogging…


A blog is an easy way to keep your online presence up to date.

you can easily add images and descriptions – sort things into categories and add tags for easy organizing later on.
if your a business – this is a great way to keep people aware of your presence and easily show off your work.
hook your blog up with your social media and ‘online-wise’ your good to go.

On the other hand you could see it as an online diary

Lets say you were going on a year long trip exploring the world,
1. you would be very lucky

2. you could use your blog to keep friends and family easily updated with the fantastic time your having by posting from your phone – just like facebook and twitter…




Another trend at the moment is a Wedding Blog

Imagine having an online documented record of your wedding that your family and friends can view in the lead up to your greatest day!


you could have a countdown timer to the big day!


Example Blogs we are currently hosting.

Fantasy Weddings

Pilates 365 Liverpool

Paving North West

Stylistic Hair Ibiza

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