Facebook Shop Tutorial – How to start…

How To Create a Facebook Shop Page


1. Go to your page and in the menu on the left select ‘Shop’ – (its not there for everyone yet as its a brand new feature).


2. You must agree to facebook’s Seller’s terms and Policies. 



3. Select your currency.



4.  Select checkout method – message to buy or Checkout on another website.



5. You are then presented with an ‘Add products to your shop page’


You are given the option to see tips relating to the shop if you like.


6. Clicking the add products button pops up a window with a product picture option and item details sections to fill in.


7. Add your picture, fill out the product details, then choose to share it to your page or simply add it to your new shop.

After you add your first product you will be re-directed to your new shop page to view your products.


If you decide you would like help setting up a facebook Business page and / or a Shop then contact us @ https://southportwebdesign.com/ or message us on here and we will gladly give you a hand.