Iphone 6 or 6s? Read this….error 53

ERROR 53 : the message that spells doom


Apple has confirmed that a replacement of the Touch ID Home button by an unauthorized technician could disable your iPhone with an Error 53, reports The Guardian.

Apple charges £236 for this repair.  (Apple Repairs Link)


The problem occurs when your home button with fingerprint detection has been replaced by a non-official technician and is then upgraded to the latest iOS 9 firmware.

Error 53 seems to affect iPhone 6 or 6 Plus users—and possibly other Touch ID enabled devices.


After installation a growing number of people have watched in horror as their phone, which may well have cost them £500-plus, is rendered useless. Any photos or other data held on the handset is lost – and irretrievable.

Tech experts claim Apple knows all about the problem but has done nothing to warn users that their phone will be “bricked” (ie, rendered as technologically useful as a brick) if they install the iOS upgrade.

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