Facebook – More Targeted Ads on the way.

Facebook’s Latest “intelli-spam” sending machine – a new mobile ad network, called the “Audience Network,” will be burning out our retina displays over the next few months, according to their lead product marketer – Deb Liu.
The Audience Network is a tool for developers that allows Facebook to help with selling and targeting ads, payment and measuring engagement.


So far, 60% of the company’s revenue comes from mobile ads and $3 billion (about £1.7b, AU$3.2b) of Facebook’s transactions come from ads alone.

Love them or Hate them “on screen” adverts are here to stay, Some can be turned off or opted out of but you will never be able to avoid them all.

The social network has dabbled with various ad platforms before and tested a newer version of the ad network earlier this year, but it looks like the Audience Network is the final step and is ready for developers, meaning Facebook users will start seeing more ads in their mobile feeds soon

Three new ad types


Liu noted that the best way to engage Facebook users involves “ads that are integrated, not disruptive.”
With Facebook’s “world class targeting system” also in play, it’s likely you won’t see ads that aren’t relevant to you. Similar to how Instagram’s photo ads work, Facebook’s system may actually not be too intrusive despite being displayed front and center in the news feed.
You can also look forward to the three different types of ad formats showing up on Facebook mobile: banner, interstitial and native.