Facebook Viruses…HELP!


Facebook Account Hijacking (Posting Illicit Links and Photo’s)

The latest round of Facebook viruses has seen not only individuals targetted but Facebook Groups aswell.

Unfortunately the person that appears to be posting Adult pictures and videos is NOT responsible.

They have had their account hijacked by a Malicious APP..

The most common one appears as a video that seems legitimate and you click it to watch..

the video player opens but fails to play – sighting “this video needs this plugin or this app to work”

Once you click “Allow” or “Install” then the app is granted permissions to act as yourself spreading itself across your friends and groups list.

This can be happening without the users knowledge as the posts dont appear on their timelines…

Here’s how to check your Account (desktop)..

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. On the left click “Apps and websites” The App Settings page comes up.
  3. The “Active” ones at the top are the apps you’ve allowed to have access to your account.
  4. Expired and removed you shouldnt have to worry about but empty them if you want.
  5. Go through the list and be sure you know each and every one of the apps.
      If you’re unsure if the app is trusted or if you want to remove an app:

    1. Click the Remove App link.

Once you have removed the apps you dont recognise all should be good..

To do this on mobile…

push the 3 lines at bottom of mobile app

then settings and privacy

then privacy shortcuts

then more settings

then apps then logged in with Facebook


As a final block – CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.