Google Get me outa here… (request your Removal)

Want something removed or omitted from google’s Search results – Now you can Try.

 More than 12,000 people have asked Google to “erase” information from search results within hours of the service being launched.

A spokeswoman told Sky News requests came in at a rate of up to 20 per minute across Europe after the internet giant launched its online “right to be forgotten” form on Friday morning.

The flood of requests came after Google bowed to a European court ruling which upheld the right to have some personal information blocked by online search engines.

The company introduced a mechanism for people to request the censorship of links to other internet sites which they believe contains outdated or damaging information.

Each request will see Google weigh the privacy rights of an individual against the public’s right to know.

Search removal request under European Data Protection law, (link Below).

A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union found that certain users can ask search engines to remove results for queries that include their name where those results are inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.

In implementing this decision, we will assess each individual request and attempt to balance the privacy rights of the individual with the public’s right to know and distribute information. When evaluating your request, we will look at whether the results include outdated information about you, as well as whether there’s a public interest in the information—for example, information about financial scams, professional malpractice, criminal convictions, or public conduct of government officials.

If you have a removal request, please fill out the form below. Please note that this form is an initial effort. We look forward to working closely with data protection authorities and others over the coming months as we refine our approach.


eraseRemoval Request Form Here

Dont forget – Google is just one “Search Engine” there are many more – Yahoo, Ask, Bing, AOL to but name a few!!!