Latest PC Build / Gaming Rig

Starting off with an NZXT 710 Case.

Apart from the amazing interior it has some seriously fine lines and minalmalistic fearures.

Moving on to installing parts, there’s a few wires knocking about.. We have an SSD on the back and the corsair rgb fans in on the top.

you can just see the fan controller to the left of the blue and white ssd.

its more visible in this shot, you can also see the water cooler pump backing plate directly above the SSD.

Some tidy cable management started on the left…

The System drive in this PC Build is a Samsung 970 Pro NVme 500gb Drive they are 4 times faster than normal SSD’s.

Graphics card is in ( EVGA RTX2070 Super ) and we have now installed the other 3 Solid State Drives giving this PC a whopping 2.75 TB SSD storage..

Time for some more RBG lighting and a Corsair H1151 Platinum Radiator, not forgetting the RGB cooling pump over the Intel 7700K cpu.


we think it looks stunning…

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