Latest Completed Websites : Nov. 2017

First up is a site we have made for a Fine Art and Picture Framing business on Claremont Road – GesBur Studios. [responsive][/responsive] Its an e-commerce store with some amazing Art on offer..  pop over and have a look  [button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_blank” icon=”” color=”blue” lightbox=”false”]Visit GesBur[/button] [hr style=”3″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”] Next up is…

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Pokémon GO security concerns..

Apparently according to various online sources –  Pokemon GO ( when signing up with a Gmail account on IOS ) grants the app itself FULL ACCOUNT ACCESS to that Email address. For iOS users, there’s no option to edit these permissions; the only option is to revoke access entirely. Ie – the application can see and modify…